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The Albergo Sole has been part of the daily life of Vesio di Tremosine since 1850. Our dress styles and cars may have changed over the years, but the Hotel Sole formula carries on unchanged. Annamaria Perini with her husband, Ermanno Leonesio, and daughter, Mimma, continue to provide their guests with a family ambiance and authentic, flavour-packed cooking in keeping with the peerless variety of Garda cuisine.

The business started in the mid-19th century in the form of an osteria called “Tigra”, which was the amusing nickname given to the old owners. The real name of what for years was just an inn was always Sole, perhaps for its splendid southern aspect.
This little mountain village was isolated until 1913 (when the Porto-to-Pieve road was opened) and had always been on the border of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Reading about Tremosine’s history and listening to older folks’ recollections can give us an idea of the role of hostelries in long-ago and more recent years.

Hostelries were special places where people could gather with friends, or say their farewells, trade, or meet new people. Above all, they were places where solitude was replaced by social life. It was here that faraway or close-to-home stories of life were told and shared, generating even greater emotion.
The war stymied the tourist trade for many years. A fire badly damaged the building, which was later rebuilt but not as we see it today.

The current owners, the Leonesio-Perini family, bought Hotel Sole in 1967. They refurbished it and, in various stages, continued and continue to upgrade the hotel in an ongoing process to improve the building and guest facilities and amenities.
The family’s many investments include their purchase, in 1995, of the building opposite the original one; Hotel Sole was joined by Hotel La Fenice, thus doubling its size.

From 2004 to 2011, various refurbishments and innovations have made the public and guest rooms larger and brighter.
Added amenities have enhanced the hotels’ quality and prestige: a wellness area with a beauty centre, a salt grotto, a sun terrace, a swimming pool and a large, private garden where guests can relax and recharge their batteries in the warmth of the sun.

Remember, keeping your feet in the past and your eye on the future

This is the philosophy of Hotels Sole-La Fenice.

This is the spirit with which the Leonesio-Perini family starts each season as they plan and create something new for their guests.